Use our size calculator to estimate what type of box you need

The volume you might need depends on how you store your goods and what do you store. Indeed, some fragile goods cannot be stored vertically and you will need therefore more space to store them. 



Use this calculator to help you to estimate the space that you will need to rent. Save the file to keep handy the inventory of your stored items.



It is forbidden to store

Perishables items, corrosive, flammable liquids or gases, fuels, explosives, dangerous goods, motor vehicles, living plants and animals, any other illegal substance 


To help you to better use the volume, you can find below a list of tips to follow.


Label clearly all your boxes or use transparent boxes and mention "fragile" if necessary. This way you will find easier what you need when searching or unpacking. 

Do not press any heavy objects against the walls of the box

heavy box
Place large or heavy boxes at the bottom of the storage box and lighter items on the top.

Choose small boxes for heavy items so you can move them easily.

Do not place heavy items on a sofa or on a mattress, they may be distorted.


Clean your stuff before storing them to avoid mold and the risk of attracting pests.

Wrap table legs and fragile furniture to prevent bumps and scratches.  


Clean and dry your clothes and textiles completely. 

Put moth bags inside.

Lawnmowers, petrol or diesel engines must be drained before being stored.

Refrigerators and freezers must be fully defrosted and dried for storage. Cooking utensils such as pressure cookers, mixers should be cleaned and not greasy.

Books, records and similar fragile items must be stored horizontally and should not be placed directly on the ground

Put the items you will need frequently during storage near the door


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